We partner with local and national businesses on new ideas and projects when they need the vast research and expertise of a private university. 我们的教师都是各自领域中享有盛誉的专家, and we can protect corporate trade secrets as a private institution.

我们的教育将课堂理论与现实经验相结合, and our students work for businesses in classes and internships while still in school. 他们离开时做好了为雇主做出巨大贡献的准备, with 71 percent of students having at least one job offer at graduation.

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    Partner With Us

    If you're part of a local business and you'd like to partner with DU, 请与我们的社区联络员联系. We're always looking for new ways to collaborate with our community, and we'd love to hear from you.

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    Post a Job

    If you're an employer looking to post a job or an internship for DU students, 你可以在我们的先锋职业页面上找到你的空缺职位. Our students and alumni use this database to find career opportunities, so it's perfect if you are seeking talented individuals to contribute to your goals.

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    Book Event Space

    The University of Denver’s campus provides businesses and student organizations with a variety of spaces on campus, 室内和室外, for events, 活动及会议.

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Project X-ITE

连接大学的所有资源, 项目X-ITE为学生提供了一个空间, 教师和企业创新. Collaborate with us in the X-Lab or drop by our X-ITE Solutions office hours to mentor students on their business ideas.

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Consumer Insights & 商业创新中心

是什么让客户和消费者心动? 消费者洞察 & 商业创新中心 explores marketing trends and customer behavior through experiments, surveys, 焦点小组和观察.

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在企业道德研究所, executives and directors learn from respected scholars and seasoned business leaders through roundtable discussions, panels, 播客和网络.

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The 帕迪国际期货中心 uses forecasting modeling systems to explore, understand and shape strategy to address the major issues facing humanity.

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The 交通研究所 offers corporate education customized around each company’s needs. Our sponsors and partners benefit from our student business planning projects, 哪些可以提高生产率和收入增长.

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应用研究 & Technology Institute provides access to facilities and research services to its partners. This interdisciplinary team addresses everything from STEM education to space exploration.

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Our Partnerships

Comcast Challenge

A telecommunications giant looked to DU grad students to improve customer engagement and enhance satisfaction.

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Arrow Electronics

When a global tech company searched for ways to leverage its new technology, it turned to students from four of our schools and colleges for help.

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One of the world’s most popular shoe companies chose to work with DU students to improve the company’s basketball footwear.

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ORSP building

Take advantage of the extensive research resources the University of Denver has to offer.

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We collected feedback from our neighbors during the formation of our new campus framework plan, a far-reaching plan that will help us grow as a university and a community within Denver. 基于DU IMPACT 2025, 我们的全校战略计划, we're working toward a DU District that includes everyone in the community. Learn about our progress and future projects as we aim to bolster all our community members and friends.



We are a community of inventors and entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and business owners. With the vast resources of the University of Denver backing their success, 我们的教职员工, alumni and students are pioneering sustainable business in Colorado and beyond.

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    Alumni Breweries

    在我们的校园发酵之后, several alums tapped into Colorado’s growing beer scene and created successful craft breweries.

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    杜克大学的两名校友于2005年创办了一家名为Tocabe的印第安餐馆. With two locations and plans to expand, Tocabe is part of a growing indigenous food movement.

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    LED Supply Co.

    正处于经济衰退的中期, 为两位校友打开了电灯泡, who went on to create one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

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    一个本科学位把一个校友送到了国外, her experience working with the United Nations hatched what would become Colorado’s first and only edible insect farm.

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    A Denver Law graduate opened the only place in the city where you can grab a cup of coffee for here and a new pet to go.

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    Big-name office supply chains like Staples have soaked up a Pioneer-designed product to save your waterlogged cellphone.

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    Elephant Learning

    The number of kindergartners behind in math started to add up for a DU alum and professor, who created a game that can teach a year’s worth of math concepts in just three months.

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